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When you are hospitalized your primary care doctor will visit you and personally advocate for you to receive the highest quality of care.


In the modern healthcare landscape, your primary care doctor most likely won't be your attending physician in the hospital. This can make the hospital a very confusing and scary place.  We're here to tell you that it doesn't have to be this way. 


The Inpatient Advocate Service is designed to put your primary care doctor back in the driver's seat of your hospital care. 

Doctors participating in the Inpatient Advocate Service provide their patients with:


Tired of sitting idly by while listening to his patients voice dissatisfaction with their hospital stays, Dr. Raymond Kordonowy began offering the Inpatient Advocate Service to his patients in 2011.

“I finally decided to offer the Inpatient Advocate Service after my mother-in-law and her sister were adversely impacted by the hospital’s policies and procedures.  If I hadn’t been advocating on their behalf, my mother-in-law would have been discharged to a nursing home unnecessarily and her sister would have been discharged before all of her medical problems were addressed.  These events  made me realize that by not being active in their care when they were hospitalized, I was letting down my patients when they needed me the most.  Issues like this are arising all too often because the patient/physician relationship is being broken by misaligned payment structures.  It’s time that primary care physician’s reclaim our proper place in the hospital system."

-Dr. Raymond Kordonowy

Founder, Cypress Medical Consultants

In 2013, Cypress Medical Consultants was created to enable all primary care physicians a way to offer this much needed service to their patients.


Inpatient Advocate Service

The Story:

Get the care that you deserve.

Personal Visits

Get the attention you deserve. Once admitted, your doctor will personally visit you in the hospital to ensure you're comfortable and getting the best treatment available.

24/7  Attention

Get unfettered access to your doctor.  You will be supplied with a private phone line to your primary care doctor so they are just one dial away when you are hospitalized.


Your doctor will be by your side the entire time you're in the hospital. They will make sure you and your family are informed about what is happening and why.


Your physician will communicate with the doctors and nurses involved in your care, ensuring that everyone is on the same page with your treatment plan.

The Service:


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